Domestic & Lost Animals

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Pet registration

Please note that all new dog and cat registrations must be accompanied by proof of microchipping before registration can be effected. This is a requirement of the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Impounded Dogs and Cats

Lost Dogs and Cats

If your dog is lost please contact the Municipal Offices during office hours 8:00 am to 5:15 pm, Monday to Friday on 03 5355 0200, for more information on how to claim your dog or cat.

All dogs claimed from the pound must be microchipped and registered before being released to the owner.

Unclaimed and Surrendered Dogs and Cats

In accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994, at the conclusion of the mandatory 8 day holding period dogs and cats deemed suitable for rehousing may be rehomed from the pound.

Dogs rehoused from the pound must be desexed, immunised and microchipped before the dog is released.

These procedure will be at the purchaser's cost prior to the dog or cats release. Costs are subject to change on veterinary advice.

Keeping Animals

General Local Law - Clause 35 - Part 4 - Animals (Sub Clause 1)

An owner or occupier of property must not without a permit keep or allow to be kept on any one property at any time any more in number for each kind of animal than as set out in the following table:

Type of AnimalMaximum number allowed in residential areasMaximum number allowed in farming areas
RoostersPermit requiredNot applicable
Poultry10Not applicable
Domestic Mice1010
Guinea Pigs410
Domestic Rabbits44
Horses/DonkeysPermit requiredNot applicable
CattlePermit requiredNot applicable
SheepFour (4) per hectareNot applicable
GoatsPermit requiredNot applicable
PigsNot PermittedNot applicable
Other Agricultural AnimalsPermit requiredNot applicable