Volunteering Opportunities

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of all communities.

Becoming a volunteer can provide you with valuable work experience, an opportunity to contribute to your community, learn new skills and make new friends!

Ararat Rural City Council with help from members of the community have developed and established the Ararat Rural City Volunteers program. The program offers all people within the municipality the opportunity to become involved in events, initiatives and activities performed by Ararat Rural City Council.

Ararat Rural City Council recognises that volunteers are a valuable asset to the organisation, and as a result we have made available volunteering opportunities across the various Council functional areas.

Volunteering your services with the Ararat Rural City could mean helping out in a range of different areas, two such areas are;

Meals on wheels delivery programs

These programs provide the frail, aged, or disabled with access to nutritional and culturally appropriate meals.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Meals on wheels program and provide assistance to others by delivering the meals, assisting clients to fill in menu plans and monitoring the health and welfare of the people receiving the meals.

The Ararat Visitor Information Centre

The Ararat Visitor Information Centre can be found next the train station in High street Ararat.

The Centre is your one stop destination for visitor information in the Ararat district.

Volunteering at the centre provides local residents with the opportunity to pass their local knowledge on to both domestic and international visitors to the region.

Volunteers are also sought in other important areas including assisting in the smooth functioning of community events and education programs as well as participating in community engagement sessions held by the Council.

Enquiry’s are always welcomed into any area of work that may be of interest to the individual.

All volunteers are provided with a clear job description stating agreed working hours, the purpose of the position and tasks to be undertaken. Training, sound guidance and direction is given to all volunteers to make it easy and enjoyable to carry out their volunteering work.

In order to volunteer your services with the Ararat Rural City we invite all people to complete the linked ‘Ararat Rural City Volunteering Application’ form (on the right hand side of this page under Related Publications). This document once completed can be then be returned to Council through the directions given.