Search for Alexandra Gardens Gates

Updated: 19th Mar 2013

Don your Sherlock Holmes cap and grab your magnifying glass – the search is on for clues in the great Alexandra Gardens gates mystery.

The historical wrought-iron gates that once adorned the entrance to Ararat’s Alexandra Gardens have been missing for several decades at least, and Ararat Rural City Council wants to return them to where they belong.

Mayor Cr Ian Wilson said the Council was very keen to solve the mystery of why the gates were removed and where they are now so that they could be restored to their original location.

All that is left of the gates – located at the Vincent Street end of the gardens – is the four stone pillars they were once attached to.

The gates were made of ornate wrought iron and appear to have been installed in 1917, the year inscribed on one of the pillars.

“No-one knows why the gates were removed or where they were stored after they were taken down,” Cr Wilson said.

“It is a true mystery and one we need the community’s help to solve. We would really love to reinstate the gates to their original location to preserve our town’s history and return the garden entrance to its original splendour.”

Cr Wilson said after lengthy investigations, the Council has not been able to find any information as to the gates’ whereabouts and was asking for the community to help solve the mystery.

“We would really appreciate hearing from anyone who might have some clues as to what happened to the gates, even if proffered anonymously,” he said.

“The Alexandra Gardens is a much-loved and very popular community space with a great history so it really would be wonderful to have the gates re-installed. After all, they do belong to the entire community.”

If you have any information about the gates’ whereabouts, please contact Design and Project Management Coordinator Alison Tonkin on 5355 0223 or email

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