New Residents Rewarded

Updated: 4th Oct 2010

The Ararat Regional Business Association and Ararat Rural City Council are in the process of updating the latest version of the “Welcome to Ararat New Residents Rewards Voucher booklet”.  This popular voucher booklet is made available to new residents after moving to Ararat Rural City and is a fantastic vehicle for businesses to introduce their goods and services to new arrivals.  In previous years the total value of the voucher benefits exceeded $1,500. 

Already this year there has been a marked increase in the number of new residents taking advantage of this offer.  Council’s Business Development Officer, Bruce Marshall, whose position is jointly funded under the Provincial Economic Partnerships program through Regional Development Victoria and in conjunction with Ararat Rural City Council said the Ararat Correctional Precinct redevelopment is set to step up to a new level in early 2011 and will see Ararat’s population increase with new workers and their families moving into the municipality.

“It is an opportune time for businesses to get involved with this voucher booklet and introduce their services to new residents.”

There are no restrictions as to what kind of business can be included in the booklet and offers can range from discounts, to gifts, bonus offers, whatever the business owner feels is appropriate. 

Mr. Marshall said letters have already been sent out to businesses on the council database, but for any other businesses that may have been missed and are wishing to be included in the booklet you will need to contact council for an application form. 

If you are a new resident to the area and would like to receive your ‘New Residents Discount Rewards Booklet’ your real estate agent or solicitor should have a New Residents Kit available for you.  Alternatively you can go into the Ararat Rural City Council municipal offices to pick up a kit.

Mr. Marshall said the process is extremely easy and is not time consuming at all.

“Simply fill in the enclosed redemption slip and bring it with your lease agreement, or proof of purchase of your property into council offices on the corner of Vincent and High Streets to receive the booklet.

For more information on the Ararat New Residents Discount Voucher booklet contact Mr. Marshall directly on 53550218 or email

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