Temporary Food Application Form

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The Environmental Health Officers are involved with various public health issues. Their responsibilities include ensuring that hygienic practices are observed on registered premises; providing information on public health issues; responding to complaints relating to such issues as noise, pollution and food contamination; providing education about tobacco control and enforcing regulations; approving food safety plans; and instituting court proceedings where necessary.

Food safety

All premises at which food is manufactured, prepared, handled, stored or processed for sale are required by the Food Act to be registered with Council.

All food premises are required to have a Food Safety Program in place before the premises are registered or registration is transferred. Further information is available at the Food Safety Victoria website at www.foodsafety.vic.gov.au

All premises in Victoria are also required to comply with the National Food Safety Standards.


 A registration and notification website has been launched for

  •  temporary and mobile food businesses
  •  community groups selling food

The Streatrader website allows registration and notification of temporary and mobile food businesses.

It allows for the completion of forms online with your principal council - identified by where you

1  Prepare food before trading; or

2  Store food before trading

If you don't do either of these your principal council is where you:

3 Store equipment for your stall or tent; or

4 Garage your vehicle

Go to the Streatrader website:   https://streatrader.health.vic.gov.au

You will be directed to Business Victoria Online, where you will create your login (unless you already have one, in which case you just simply fill in your user name and password).

Once your login details are complete you will automatically enter the Streatrader website.

Now you're ready to complete your forms.

Streatrader will guide you through the process until you're ready to hit the lodge button.

For more information email streatrader@health.vic.gov.au or phone 13 22 15 or contact Environmental Health Officer at Council.