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Ararat Rural City provides a building advice, inspection and a permit service via its Building Surveyor. The Building Surveyor is available by appointment by telephoning (03) 5355 0225.

Planning Permits

More often than not, a Planning Permit is needed for any construction or building project. Check with Council’s Planning Officer to confirm whether your project will require a permit. If a permit is required, you MUST obtain this before you start work on the project.

Septic tanks

If your property is not in a sewered area, you must have an acceptable method of sewerage disposal. In most instances this will be a septic system. Application for a septic tank system must be made prior to or in conjunction with the application for a Building Permit.

When you are considering a building project, it is advisable to contact the Council Building Surveyor and ask about any building permits which may be needed. Most building projects now require a building permit.

Apart from the Building Permit application form there may be other information you will need to provide to Council. The Checklist of Building Permit information will assist you.

Below you will find an outline of the Building Permit process. For enquiries, please contact Council’s Planning Office, telephone (03) 5355 0225.

Before work begins
Owner-builders need to ensure they have appropriate workplace and public liability insurance policies in place. While not a requirement, they should also consider taking out insurance to protect themselves against fire and theft.
During construction
Where protection work is required to ensure an adjoining property isn’t affected or damaged by the building work, owner-builders must take out insurance to cover any damages or losses to the adjoining property, the adjoining occupier or member of the public.
When an owner-builder employs a registered building practitioner to complete work costing more than id="mce_marker"6,000, the practitioner will need to provide domestic building insurance, just as they would with any other client. The domestic building insurance policy may only come into effect if the practitioner dies, disappears or becomes insolvent.
After the work is completed
If an owner-builder sells their property within six and a half years of completing the work, they must take out domestic building insurance (if the work cost more than id="mce_marker"6,000) and provide the buyer with a copy of the certificate of insurance and a defects inspection report prepared by a registered building practitioner. The domestic building insurance policy may only cover the new owner if the owner-builder dies, disappears or is insolvent.
For more information about insurance requirements for owner-builders, visit the VBA website or the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.