Planning Certificates, Titles & Zoning

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A Planning Certificate is issued by Council to provide details of:

  • the planning instrument affecting a property
  • the zoning of a property and any other planning controls affecting the property (such as any heritage controls)
  • any planning scheme amendments that may have an effect on the property

While Council can give an indication of zoning and overlays over the counter if you have a copy of title, a Planning Certificate is required if you need to verify this information. Zoning information will not be given over the telephone. Ararat Rural City Council is the responsible authority for issuing planning certificates. The cost of a standard certificate is $18.20.

Zoning information including maps can be obtained online at Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Where Can I Obtain A Copy Of Title?

A copy of Title can be obtained from the Land Information Centre.

Council requires a current and full copy of title (including title plan) and details of any Restrictive Covenants or other restrictions on the title to be submitted with all applications. This title must have been searched within three months prior to submitting the Planning Permit application.