Food Premises

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Food Surveillance - The Environmental Health Unit closely monitors the production and sale of food in the municipality. Anyone concerned about food safety issues is encouraged to contact the Environmental Health Officer.

Investigations of any complaints about a food premises can sometimes be complicated and after conducting an initial investigation, a combination of the following actions may occur:

  • No further action may be taken if the complaint is found to be unjustified.
  • The proprietor may be advised to alter food handling methods to remedy the situation.
  • A notice may be issued.
  • The complaint may be forwarded to an internal section at Council or to an external body.
  • Follow up will be conducted when necessary to ensure matters have been properly dealt with.

Food Premises

In accordance with the Food Act 1984, all food premises must be registered with Council.

  • Food premises are also subject to an annual registration fee and fees vary according to the nature of the premises.
  • All premises are inspected annually by Council's Environmental Health Officers to ensure compliance with the Food Act and the Food Standards Code.
  • Recalls are attended to by the Environmental Health Unit to ensure that products are removed from sale to the public.
  • Routine food sampling is undertaken to ensure compliance with legislation.

Please refer to the related documents for the Application Form to register/renew food premises (EazyBiz form) and Fees and Charges.

Purchasing an existing food business

If you are thinking about purchasing an existing registered food business, there are a few things you should be aware of.

If the registration is current, both the current and proposed proprietors will need to complete a transfer form and submit this to Council. 

If the registration is not current, the registration will need to be renewed. Only after the registration status is brought up to date can the transfer of registration take place.

There may be outstanding orders on the premises in relation to Food Act non-conformances.  There may also be current structural issues that you are not aware of.

Council encourages businesses to request an inspection and report on the premises so that you are aware of any major structural non-conformances or outstanding orders. The current proprietor and proposed proprietor should then decide who will action the outstanding items listed in the report. 

If there are current orders on the premises, the new proprietor will be responsible for completion once the registration is transferred. An application for transfer of registration is available from the Environmental Health Unit. A fee is applicable.

Checklist of what needs to be submitted before a Transfer of Registration can be processed

  • An Application to Transfer form with the appropriate fee
  • A copy of the Food Safety Plan
  • A copy of the Food Safety Supervisor’s qualification

Please refer to the related documents for the Request for Information and Documents Consent Form, the Application to Transfer Food Premises (EazyBiz form) and Fees and Charges.

Setting up a New Food Business

Current legislation requires a food premises to be constructed in a manner that ensures the safe storage and preparation of food. This includes areas regarding general construction, design and fit-out and the requirements will change depending on the food you intend selling. Discuss your intentions with the Environmental Health Officer while in the planning stage, well before construction takes place.

Under the Food Act 1984 any food premises must be registered with the Council.

As part of the registration process a Food Safety Program must be lodged before a premises can be registered.

A Food Safety Plan must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor with formal training. This person must be able to produce a suitable certificate of qualification from a Registered Training Organisation.

Checklist of what needs to be submitted before your registration is processed:

  • A plan of the premises
  • A copy of the Food Safety Plan
  • A copy of the Food Safety Supervisor’s qualification

Please refer to the related documents for the Application to register form, with the appropriate fee,  the Application to register a food premises (EazyBiz form) and Guidelines for the design and construction of food premises.

Temporary Food Premises and Events

A registration and notification website has been launched for

  • temporary and mobile food businesses
  • community groups selling food

The Streatrader website allows registration and notification of temporary and mobile food businesses.

It allows for the completion of forms online with your principal council - identified by where you

1  Prepare food before trading; or

2  Store food before trading

If you don't do either of these your principal council is where you:

3 Store equipment for your stall or tent; or

4 Garage your vehicle

Go to the Streatrader website:

You will be directed to Business Victoria Online, where you will create your login (unless you already have one, in which case you just simply fill in your user name and password).

Once your login details are complete you will automatically enter the Streatrader website.

Now you're ready to complete your forms.

Streatrader will guide you through the process until you're ready to hit the lodge button.

For more information email or phone 13 22 15 or contact Environmental Health Officer at Council.