Other Re-use & Recycling Services

Ararat Rural City Council offer a comprehensive range recycling services, primarily through their Transfer Stations (now called Resource Recovery Centres), although collection services in Ararat do provide a basic level of materials through their co-mingled pick-up.

Co-mingled Recycling

The following items are placed into the co-mingled recycling stream:

  • Newspapers, magazines and telephone books
  • Schools & office paper
  • Cardboard, cereal and food boxes
  • Envelopes and junk mail
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Almost all plastic containers
  • Steel cans and empty aerosol cans
  • Aluminium cans and clean foil and pie trays
  • Milk and juice cartons

Consult the Related Document 'What to Recycle and What Not to Recycle in your Bin' and if in doubt leave it out.

Co-mingled Recycling can be dropped off at all Ararat Rural City Transfer Stations and customers should follow the same guidelines as ratepayers with a collection service.

Commercial and Industrial recycling is available through Downes Recycling in Ararat and Vic West and Statewide Recycling in Stawell.

Green Waste

Tree residues, clippings and prunings can be delivered to Transfer Stations throughout the Municipality, provided it is free from contamination.  Pots, wire and plastic bags must be kept separate. The majority is shredded and composted and subsequently used as mulch under the regions grape vines. 


Waste timber, with the exception of Copper, Chrome Arsenic (CCA) treated timber or old timber painted with lead paint is being stockpiled at Ararat Transfer Station, this stockpile is shredded and used as mulch.


Scrap steel, including old gas bottles are received at no cost at Transfer Stations throughout the Municipality and on-sold to an external company for recycling.


Concrete, providing it is totally free of asbestos, can be taken to Ararat Transfer Station at a greatly discounted cost, compared with otherwise taking it to the Regional Landfill.  The concrete is then crushed and used for road base.


Household chemicals can be taken to the annual mobile Detox your Home centre at Ararat transfer station held in May each year.

A permanent Drop-off facility for household batteries, fluorescent lamps and paint can be disposed of free of charge at the Ararat transfer station throughout the year. 

Farm Chemical Containers

With the exception of Moyston, all Transfer Stations throughout the municipality receive “Drummuster” farm chemical containers, provided they are properly rinsed.  Large quantities are best made by a prior appointment.

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

A wide range of Electronic Waste is received at all Council Transfer Stations. Televisions and monitors bear a minor cost due to the high cost of disposing of the lead rich and phosphor coated glass.


Non-commercial quantities of tyres are received at all Council Transfer Stations.  The high costs of disposal are passed on through the disposal charge.

Waste Oil

Non-commercial quantities of waste oil is received at all Council Transfer Stations.