Council Meetings

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Council meetings

The Ararat Rural City Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber, Shire Hall, Barkly Street, Ararat. The public is welcome to attend Council meetings.

Note: The June Council Meeting is held one week later, and the December Council Meeting one week earlier.

Agendas will be posted here prior to each meeting. 

If you would like a copy of the attachments outlined in the Agenda, please contact Jenny Woolcock, Manager Executive Services & Governance on 5355 0261 or

Upcoming meetings

  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 22 November, 2016
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 13 December, 2016
  • 9.30am - Thursday 19 January, 2016 (Special Council Meeting)
  • 9.45am - Thursday 19 January, 2016 (Special Council Meeting Review Councillors Code of Conduct)
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 21 February, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 21 March, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 18 April, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 16 May, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 27 June, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 18 July, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 15 August, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 19 September, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 17 October, 2017
  • 6.00pm - Tuesday 31 Octber, 2017 (Statutory Meeting)

Council Meeting dates and times for each term are set at the Statutory Meeting.

Council minutes

This page contains links to an electronic version of Ararat Rural City Council Minutes.

Special Council meeting 

Special Council Meetings can be called during the year. When a Special Council Meeting is scheduled, prior notice is provided in the local newspaper and details are placed on this website.

Request to Address Council

Council at its Ordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 11 December 2012 reviewed the process for addressing Council.

A written request to address Council must be received no less than one week prior to the Council meeting.  

Written requests must be in relation to an item listed on the current Council Meeting Agenda.

If a request is not accepted by the Mayor or Chief Executive Officer, a written advice will be provided to the requester outlining the reasons for this decision.

Approved requests to address Council Meetings will be heard at the commencement of the Council Meeting.

The presenter will be allocated a maximum of three (3) minutes to present his or her address to the Council.  An extension of time may be granted by the Mayor.

During the presentation, the presenter may not address questions to Councillors or officers.

Two minutes will be allocated for Councillors to ask questions of the presenter, if required.

Council may request a further report on the matter from officers.

Members of the public gallery are not allowed to communicate with Councillors and officers whilst the meeting is in progress.

Please refer to the Request to Address Council form for procedural guidelines.